Visure Event/Conference schedule 2019-2020:



Conference Name: 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum

Embedded World 2020

Micael Martins, Regional Sales Director at Visure Solutions, will be presenting a whitepaper titled “How to write good functional & safety requirements in 2020″:

Half of all project errors can be traced to poorly written requirements. Specification and design errors become exponentially more expensive to fix the longer they go undetected through subsequent phases of development, production, and operation.
System engineers struggle to find techniques to improve textual requirements quality in all aspects of the development process. Many critical projects fail because of unclear and conflicting requirements in functional and safety specifications.
Work has been done recently to provide system engineers with guidelines (INCOSE, IREB, IEEE 29148, EARS) to substantially improve requirements quality and greatly reduce the time spent in both writing and reviewing them.
During the conference, you will learn practical techniques and best practices to consistently write high-quality requirements faster while avoiding ambiguities and similarities. Superior functional and safety specification quality in 2020 can be achieved.

Conference Name: Aerospace Tech Week

Conference Name: INCOSE International symposium

Conference Name: INCOSE WSRC

Conference Name: MedTech Conference



Conference Name: Forum Safety and Security

Conference Name: DREAM (Dutch Requirements Engineering And Management)

Conference Name: Automotive IQ – SOTIF

Conference Name: Autonomous Vehicles Symposium

Conference Name: NBAA

Conference Name: JFIE (Journée Française de l’Ingénierie des Exigences)

Webinar: Modern and Innovative Requirements Management ALM Platform