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Best 15+ Free ALM Software Solutions and Tools for 2024

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What is Application Development Lifecycle Management (ADLM)?

Application Lifecycle Management is a complex procedure that involves different parties, recurrent processes, and various instruments that are used for regulating the complete lifecycle of the project from the very beginning to the end. ALM ensures the smooth running of the established methodologies of an organization and higher productivity through integrated tools.

In simpler terms, Application Lifecycle Management, abbreviated as ALM,  is the procedure of specifying, designing, documenting, and testing the application. It covers the whole lifecycle from the start to the end of the project. It begins with the idea of the application throughout the development, goes to testing, deployment, support, and finally, the user experience. 

Top 17 free ALM tools:

Check out the list of 17 free ALM tools. 

Visure Solutions

Visure is one of the most trusted ALM platforms that specializes in requirements management for organizations of all sizes across the globe. Visure is Ranked #1 in Best Requirements Management Tools and ALM Tools research by Info-Tech for the second year in a row. The major partners of Visure include business-critical and safety-critical companies. The company integrates through the whole ALM processes including risk management, issue and defect tracking, traceability management, change management, and various other areas like quality analysis, requirements versioning, and powerful reporting. Talking about price, it offers a free 30-day trial that can be downloaded from the website itself. Other details about pricing and demos can be found on Visure’s website.


Jira is one of the most famous ALM tools in the market. Jira is majorly used by the Agile teams to plan and track the project along with the corresponding issues. The free version of Jira allows a team of up to ten users to leverage all the power of the application at zero cost indefinitely. 


Wrike is highly used to boost your application lifecycle management. Wrike also provides ready-to-use planning templates to help you kickstart your project. Various features like request forms, progress visualization, and custom statuses help you outline your requirements better and get faster approvals. Wrike’s FREE basic plan is now available for unlimited users.

Version One

This platform is exclusively designed to support agile and lean software. Version One supports management methodologies like Scrum and Kanban and makes it super easy to plan, track, and report all the progress across all team members, programs, portfolios, and enterprises. It offers a free trial to start with and how things work around here. 

Helix ALM

Helix is an ALM platform that helps you with project management by centralizing all your requirements, test cases, issues, and other artifacts and managing them as well. Helix supports both Mac and Windows systems. It also provides a free trial along with a free version of the application. 


ReqTest is an ALM tool that offers requirements management, test management, and bugs and issues tracking. This is a full-cloud-based solution that requires no set-up or installation or training for that matter. It offers a free trial as well. 


This is an ALM system that majorly facilitates agile methodologies, V-model, requirements management, and IT service management. This project management platform enables the organizations to meet the required standards like CMMI and ITIL. 


Click.Up is a project management tool that allows planning, visualization, collaboration, and track the progress of the product. It offers live Docs collaboration, personal notepads, dashboards, real-time chat, mind maps, and much more at zero cost. 

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a free ALM solution that is designed to help businesses digitalize all their operations with as little hassle as possible. Zoho’s top features include compatibility testing, data migration, and AI-assisted development. It is easy to use and offers a free trial and version.

Monday is a dynamic platform that helps you create an informational database for your team with flexible knowledge management software. Monday is great for navigating your knowledge base with custom statuses, hashtags, and filters so you can find your things easily. 


Asana is known to be a bug-tracking tool that helps organizations strategize their daily tasks and improve their collaboration. Asana makes it easy to apply the tasks and track them along with their progress. It is easy to use and also helps improve team collaboration and manage the workflows inside the organization. 

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a modular cloud-based platform that allows you to create almost anything from a simple website to a complex application. Google helps with calendar management, application management, compliance testing and management, and more.

Anywhere is a project management tool that helps you manage your tasks, and clients, and bring your team together. It is an easy and collaborative platform that ensures flexibility throughout the organization. Anywhere is best suited for startups because it offers more features at an affordable price. 


AccelQ is a collaborative automation platform that helps enhance the quality of the developing software. ACCELQs Quality Driven Development (QDD) implements an innovative Agile Quality Life Cycle approach, integrating the usual test silos into an end-to-end automated process. The top features of AccelQ include version control, security testing, change management, and more.


OutSystems is a high-productivity application management tool that uses artificial intelligence to help developers develop the software. With OutSystems, it is easier for developers to develop new as well as modify existing applications by being good at lifecycle management, task management, requirements management, and workflow management. 


Yodiz is a great player in the agile issue-tracking world. With unlimited projects, Yodiz can easily scale up from small organizations to multi-national organizations. Yodiz is highly known for bug tracking, issue management, enhancing collaboration, and task management.


DevSuite is a complete ALM solution that covers requirements management, project planning, implementation tracking, and QA testing. It provides a single platform that supports both agile and traditional development, and the industry’s most comprehensive requirement traceability from concept through specification, planning, implementation, testing, and release.

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