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Best ISO 27001/2/5 Compliance Tools, Checklists & Templates

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In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive information is crucial for organizations. ISO 27001/2/5 compliance provides a framework for implementing and maintaining an effective information security management system (ISMS). To assist organizations in achieving ISO 27001/2/5 compliance, various tools, checklists, and templates are available that streamline the process and ensure adherence to the standard’s requirements. In this article, we will explore some of the best ISO 27001/2/5 compliance tools, checklists, and templates available on the market.

Compliance Tools

PSC Solution

PSC (Payment Software Company) offers a comprehensive solution for ISO 27001/2/5 compliance through their services in information security management systems (ISMS) standard compliance. PSC recognizes the importance of protecting sensitive information and helps organizations establish and maintain an effective ISMS in line with ISO 27001/2/5 requirements.

Their solution includes the following key elements:

  1. Gap Analysis: PSC conducts a thorough assessment of your organization’s current information security practices and compares them against the ISO 27001/2/5 requirements. This analysis helps identify any gaps that need to be addressed for compliance.
  2. ISMS Development: PSC assists in developing and implementing an ISMS tailored to your organization’s specific needs. This includes establishing policies, procedures, controls, and processes to manage information security risks effectively.
  3. Risk Assessment: PSC conducts risk assessments to identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to your organization’s information assets. This assessment helps prioritize security measures and determine appropriate risk treatment strategies.
  4. Control Implementation: PSC supports the implementation of controls and security measures to mitigate identified risks. This involves establishing technical, organizational, and physical controls to protect information assets and ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  5. Training and Awareness: PSC provides training and awareness programs to educate employees on information security best practices, their roles and responsibilities, and the importance of complying with ISO 27001/2/5 requirements.
  6. Compliance Audits: PSC conducts regular audits to assess the effectiveness of the implemented ISMS and ensure ongoing compliance with ISO 27001/2/5. These audits help identify areas for improvement and maintain the integrity of the information security management system.
  7. Continuous Improvement: PSC emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement in information security practices. They provide guidance and support to organizations in monitoring and reviewing their ISMS, identifying opportunities for enhancement, and implementing necessary improvements.


Thoropass offers a solution for ISO 27001/2/5 compliance through their paid service. Although I cannot access the specific URL you provided, I can provide you with general information about Thoropass and its offering for ISO 27001/2/5 compliance.

Thoropass provides guidance and support in achieving ISO 27001/2/5 compliance based on industry-recognized guidelines and best practices. Their solution encompasses the following key elements:

  1. ISO 27001 Guidelines: Thoropass helps organizations understand and implement the ISO 27001 guidelines, which provide a framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS).
  2. Compliance Assessment: Thoropass conducts an assessment of your organization’s current security practices and compares them to the ISO 27001/2/5 requirements. This assessment helps identify gaps and areas that need to be addressed for compliance.
  3. Documentation Support: Thoropass assists in the development and documentation of policies, procedures, controls, and other necessary documentation required for ISO 27001/2/5 compliance. They provide templates, guidelines, and best practices to streamline the documentation process.
  4. Risk Management: Thoropass helps organizations establish a systematic approach to risk management as per ISO 27001/2/5 requirements. This involves identifying risks, assessing their impact and likelihood, implementing appropriate controls, and monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of these controls.
  5. Training and Awareness: Thoropass offers training and awareness programs to educate employees about information security, their roles and responsibilities, and the importance of compliance with ISO 27001/2/5. This ensures that everyone in the organization understands the significance of information security and actively participates in its implementation.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Thoropass emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement in information security practices. They provide guidance on conducting internal audits, performing regular reviews, and implementing corrective actions to enhance the effectiveness of the ISMS.


A-Lign is a leading provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, including assistance with ISO 27001/2/5 compliance. A-Lign helps organizations achieve and maintain ISO 27001/2/5 certification by providing a range of services and expertise in information security management systems (ISMS). 

Here is how A-Lign assist you:

  1. Gap Analysis: A-Lign conducts a thorough assessment of an organization’s current security controls, policies, and processes to identify any gaps or areas for improvement in relation to ISO 27001/2/5 compliance.
  2. ISMS Development: A-Lign assists organizations in establishing and implementing an effective ISMS based on ISO 27001/2/5 requirements. They help develop policies, procedures, and controls tailored to the organization’s specific needs, ensuring the appropriate implementation of security measures.
  3. Risk Assessment: A-Lign conducts comprehensive risk assessments, identifying potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to an organization’s information assets. They help organizations prioritize and manage risks effectively, aligning with ISO 27001/2/5 risk management requirements.
  4. Compliance Audits: A-Lign performs independent audits to assess an organization’s compliance with ISO 27001/2/5 standards. These audits evaluate the effectiveness of implemented controls and the overall maturity of the ISMS. A-Lign’s audit reports provide valuable insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.
  5. Certification Support: A-Lign assists organizations throughout the certification process, including preparing documentation, coordinating with certification bodies, and addressing any findings or non-conformities identified during the certification audit.
  6. Ongoing Compliance Monitoring: A-Lign helps organizations establish processes for ongoing compliance monitoring and maintenance of the ISMS. This includes regular internal audits, management reviews, and continuous improvement initiatives to ensure long-term adherence to ISO 27001/2/5 requirements.

Compliance Checklists

Compliance checklists serve as a valuable resource for organizations pursuing ISO 27001/2/5 compliance. These checklists outline the necessary steps and requirements to ensure adherence to the standard. Here are two widely used compliance checklists:

ISO 27001 Compliance Checklist

The ISO 27001 Compliance Checklist provides a comprehensive list of requirements outlined in the standard. It covers various aspects, including risk assessment, information security policies, asset management, human resource security, physical and environmental security, and more. This checklist assists organizations in verifying their compliance status and identifying areas that require improvement.

ISO 27002 Compliance Checklist

The ISO 27002 Compliance Checklist focuses on the control objectives and controls mentioned in ISO 27002, which provides guidance on implementing information security controls. It covers areas such as access control, information classification and handling, cryptography, security incident management, business continuity, and more. This checklist helps organizations ensure that they have implemented the necessary controls to address information security risks effectively.

Compliance Templates

Compliance templates offer ready-to-use documents that organizations can customize to meet their specific ISO 27001/2/5 compliance requirements. These templates save time and effort in creating documentation from scratch. Here are two commonly used compliance templates:

Information Security Policy Template

An Information Security Policy is a foundational document for ISO 27001 compliance. This template provides a framework for developing an organization’s information security policy. It covers essential areas such as the scope of the policy, management commitment, risk assessment, incident response, access control, and more. Organizations can tailor this template to reflect their specific security objectives and requirements.

Risk Treatment Plan Template

A Risk Treatment Plan is an essential document that outlines the organization’s approach to addressing identified risks. This template offers a structured format for documenting risk treatment activities. It includes sections for risk description, treatment options, responsibilities, timelines, and monitoring mechanisms. Organizations can utilize this template to create comprehensive risk treatment plans aligned with ISO 27001/2/5 requirements.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to ensure the security and privacy of your information systems then ISO 27001/2/5 compliance may be a perfect fit for you. Understanding what these standards encompass along with having the right tools, checklists, and templates are all essential components necessary to achieving compliance. There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to preparing for this certification, but having the right resources on hand will make the entire process go much smoother. Investing in an automated software tool such as Visure Requirements ALM Platform can be one of your most valuable assets during your journey towards ISO 27001/2/5 compliance. Our 30-day free trial provides users with a great way to evaluate their product to understand if it is the right solution for their needs. Don’t wait anymore and start achieving ISO 27001/2/5 compliance today by trying out Visure Requirements ALM Platform!

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