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Microsoft Word and Excel are far from being a professional requirements management tool
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Microsoft Word and Excel are far from being a professional requirements management tool

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“Requirements are critical for managing project success”; a fact that is broadly accepted by most organizations, isn’t it? Having to deal with ambiguous or poorly defined requirements, which can neither be measured nor validated, is, according to several studies like the Standish Group CHAOS report, one of the major reasons for project failure.

During this webinar we will review the importance of requirements and analyze the limitations of the most common requirements management tools Microsoft Word and Excel, like: poor traceability, not scalable, cannot handle the impact of requirement change, no check of requirement inconsistency, etc. MS Office is far from being an effective requirements management tool and lacks many basic features for eliciting requirements, particularly when working in a distributed environment where collaboration is required from many stakeholders.

Finally, we will demonstrate how Visure Requirements improves your requirements engineering and explain some of its benefits like graphical process modeling, version management, information traceability and working with one single source of truth.


  • Requirements Management: key element for system and software engineering
  • Why MS Word and MS Excel are not enough?
  • Import & Round-trip integration with Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Visure Requirements demo

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Fernando Valera

Fernando Valera

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